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The Share and Earn program

Is this an Affiliate-program?

Yes and no! Share-and-earn is way more than a regular affiliate system. Every user participates whenever something is shared on No need for any signup - your user-account is ready to earn. What makes it so different? Users you bring into Getscents are your users forever! Forget the usual problems with cookies: your users will generate 25 cents whenever they spend money on Getscents (the only exception is when they buy your product).

How does it work?

As soon as you are logged in all the sharing-links and buttons are encoded with your personal ID. Does that mean you only have to share a product, blog, shop or promotion? Yes, we will pay you for your usual sharing behavior! You simply share what you like. If a visitor comes to for a blog you shared but ends up buying a product you have never heard of you still get your cut!

What about my content?

You want more? What if an unregistered user logs in and shares my product/shop/blog etc? All links to your content are your links per default.
Let's say a visitor likes your product and shares it. Now this link is used to come to your product, but then the visitor decides to buy something else. Too bad? NO! In that case you will not only get 25 cents for the transaction but also get 25 cents whenever this new user buys something on Getscents.

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You have your own space?

Nothing is easier than using our sharing-links, the pound and our blog. But what if you have your own website? We love to make you some money on the side! Again, all you need is a user account. Log in and go ahead:

Simple method:

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Script tag
<!-- Getscents,Inc affiliate code -->
<script src="{{affiliate.display}}/{{affiliate.ident}}/{{affiliate.parent}}/?id={{affiliate.gen}}"></script>
<div id="gs-{{affiliate.gen}}"></div>
Your good to go: Your affiliate-id was detected.
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Implementation for webmasters

1. Insert the script tag into you HTML (works in the head and at the end of the body)

2. Place the container where you like

Know what you are doing?

The script runs after the document is loaded. However, you can load the script asyncronically if you wish.
Entity: "any" or "shop". We are working on making "any" smarter. For now it shows the newest products.
Entity-id: When the entity is a shop then the shop-id.
Affiliate-id: Prepares your personalized short-links in the iframe.
Container-id: Note that the div-container uses the id "gs-" followed by the same parameter. It defaults to "affiliate" if the parameter is not set and expects a container with the id "gs-affiliate". However, this parameter enables multiple implementations on one side with different entities or entity-ids.