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What is Team Shop Price Drop?

Team Shop Price Drop is a smarter, cheaper and fun way to purchase a variety of products. Every time someone participates, the price drops! Including participants who committed to a higher price. That means, the higher the number of participants, the lower the price is for everyone. The best part about team shop price drop, is by sharing you can build a team. Team members not only drop the price for you and others, you will also earn twenty-five cents per team member you bring in. Which makes it possible for you to get the products absolutely free! You can watch your team power stats right on the site build, and see how many more players you need to get involved to get your price dropped even lower. Team members stay on for future deals as well, and not only that, but you will earn twenty-five cents for every transaction they make on Getscents! That’s right, depending on the deal, you could actually earn money to take products for free. Team shop price drop, where shopping is smarter, cheaper and fun.


Are you interested in selling your product here? Please get in touch with #user#support

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If you participated in the last TSPD, please check your orders

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Did you know?
Every new user you bring in will be your team member forever. Whatever that person might buy on Getscents, you get .25 on your account!

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Funds on your account can be payed out to your PayPal account or used on the platform. Funds do not expire.
You can trigger at least one payout per 30 days without Getscents fees being charged. Should you own a shop-package you might have more free payouts per 30 days. However, you can always trigger additional payouts for a payout-fee of 1 US$

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